Winston Reed

Managing Director

Winston, founder of the Greener for Life strategy, recognises the significance of renewable energy incentives for sustainable food and energy production. He is the Managing Director and responsible for coordinating the key collective skills of the management team. As well as leading GfL, he is a key motivating director of Torridge Vale Ltd, a farmers co-operative dairy processing factory with a turnover grown from near zero in 1996 to over £12m, employing 120 staff.

Winston has huge experience in farm management, and has grown the family dairy farm to one of the largest herds in Devon. He has served as sales and marketing director for a Co-Operative Group company creating and developing the ‘Definitely Devon’ branding, which with a £25m turnover, in 2006 was sold to Wiseman Dairies.

Stuart Cole

Director of Agriculture

Stuart runs his own poultry and arable farming business and is a director of GfL. He uses his extensive insight into poultry production alongside arable farming becoming a director of West Country Free Range Farmers Ltd, the largest producer group of free range poultry in the UK. This has enabled regular working contact with both integrators and retailers which is a key example and driver of the roll out of AD plants to poultry farmers.
Malcolm Buttel


Malcolm Buttel is creative director at Oxygen Creative with over 10 years experience in graphic design.
Steve Lodge


Steve Lodge set up Oxygen Creative 10 years ago. He’s an exjournalist and has been in advertising and marketing for 15 years.